We all like ice cream

Chocolate is very popular around here

Nevertheless, we try for well-rounded meals.



Why so many monsters? 

I mean, why not? Who doesn’t like horns & tentacles?

You don’t really need more than one really good eye. Two is extravagance. But antennae and whiskers? Everyone needs those. 

Maybe you don’t want everything to have a unicorn horn. Well then, our art is probably not for you.

Pencil, India ink, watercolour

The medium isn’t always the message, sometimes it’s what you have at home 

We like to share our art, so Helen sketches in pencil, then Moira adds some line texture, spacing and shading with india ink on watercolour paper, then Helen paints. It teaches that art doesn’t have to be perfect on the first or even second try. You begin; you collaborate; you develop an idea; something new emerges. 

Some of our favourite artists are: Thomas Docherty (The Snatchabook), Tim Wynne-Jones (Zoom at Sea), Patrick Benson (Owl Babies), Lynn Munsinger (Custard the Dragon), Chris Riddell (Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse), Chris van Dusen (The Circus Ship), Richard Scarry (I am a Bunny), Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are), Mercer Mayer (Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-A-Zoo).